Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

There was a maturity to Paul Pogba's game

There was a maturity to Paul Pogba's game

We're tired but there can be no excuses: we've got to the semi-final, we're here to enjoy ourselves and give our all, we do not want to say we're worn out or exhausted.

If a player has played multiple positions, then he is placed in the one he's played the most minutes in.

"(France is) very good defensively, and I think they're playing like the best team in the world right now", said Gobert, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year in the National Basketball Association.

After a diligent and hardworking performance was pivotal to France's victory over Belgium in the World Cup semi-final, Pogba dedicated the victory to the 12 boys who were pulled out of a cave in Thailand after they were trapped for 12 long days. There are two teams in the final, a Cup and there are 90 minutes more.

"For me, we are not favourites".

The 29-year-old was imperious last night as he helped Croatia edge past England in extra-time to set up a World Cup final with France on Sunday.

ESPN's Charlie Gibson takes in all the action and fanfare in Moscow as England's World Cup journey comes to an end at the hands of Croatia.

"We've brought English fans back in love with the English team".

"I don't think we are the favourites, It is a World Cup final", he said in a news conference on Thursday. "We are not. There is still a chance to exhaust ourselves".

He also said there was no need for him to give his team-mates any tips on England's players, as they were all well aware of who they are up against.

The last month has seen England reconnect with a disillusioned fan base, putting in performances that point towards a brighter future. "We felt we were good enough but have fallen just a bit short".

"But we've won a lot of matches that historically England haven't won".

"Against the very best teams, we've not managed to get the wins". "There's nothing better than getting an early goal but we needed the next one". Factor in injury time and successive shootout wins over Denmark and Russian Federation, and Croatia has just played the equivalent of 4½ matches in 11 days.

Pogba said while Croatia midfielder Luka Modric was their driving force the French plan would not be limited to stopping the Real Madrid playmaker.

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