Published: Mon, July 16, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Georgia Cops Suspended For Flipping Coin To Decide On Driver's Arrest

Georgia Cops Suspended For Flipping Coin To Decide On Driver's Arrest

Tails, you're free to go.

The report said both officers are on administrative leave and the charges against Webb were dropped.

"Yeah", said Brown. "So released".

Batman villain Two-Face liked to flip a coin to decide one's fate.

The officers can be heard apparently laughing.

"23", responds the officer - likely suggesting "Code 23", which is an arrest. The two officers determine they will arrest Webb if it lands on heads and release her if it lands on tails. When the pair pulled Webb over, the woman explained that she was late for work and pleaded with Brown to give her a speeding fine rather than arrest her on the much more serious charge of risky driving.

"They put me in a situation that was really wrong", Webb told ABC News on Friday.

The woman, Sarah Webb, 24, had been running late for her shift at a hair salon when she sped past a patrol auto April 7 in Roswell, Ga., outside Atlanta.

Investigators will check whether the officers handled any other arrests the same way.

She said she's still contemplating whether or not to seek legal action after the coin toss that tossed her into jail and into the public limelight.

The police chose to flip a coin to decide whether to detain a woman who was speeding. The two officers then debated whether to arrest or release Web.

Back in the patrol vehicle, officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson faced a decision.

"She says 'Oh, absolutely not".

We were in court on Monday when Webb's charges were thrown out. Webb could not be reached for comment.

The episode was first reported by 11Alive, a news station in Atlanta, which said it brought the footage to the attention of Webb. "I don't think at all that they should be getting a paid vacation", she said.

"Since this is an open internal investigation, I can not discuss the details of the incident until the conclusion of the investigation", Grant said.

"I have much higher expectations of our police officers and I am appalled that any law enforcement officer would trivialize the decision-making process of something as important as the arrest of a person", he said.

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