Published: Thu, July 19, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Go Ultrasonic

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Go Ultrasonic

The latest is a leaked render that shows design changes over last year's Galaxy Note 8. It is also said that the company might offer improved visibility under direct sunlight and it expected to flaunt 6.4-inch display. So, it's no surprise that we now get the treat of a fake Galaxy Note 9 pop up in real life photos.

Samsung will be one of the first big manufacturers to build a foldable phone. That's right, that means you can download the official wallpapers from the Galaxy Tab S4.

The internet has been buzzing over the Galaxy Note 9 for months now, but Samsung's upcoming Unpacked event may have a few more hardware surprises in store. According to the Internet, the other Galaxy S10 would be the "affordable" one under the codename Beyond 0 and the fingerprint scanner could be placed at the side instead of the front or back.

Samsung is reportedly getting ready to launch its foldable phone early next year.

Samsung's new victor phone will be the third flagship for the firm, joining the existing Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines.

The Note 8 also had a horizontal dual-rear camera.

However we have heard rumors that there could be a model with a triple lens setup, taking a page out of Huawei's playbook which interestingly enough is what Apple is rumored to be doing as well.

It's a great tool and can be genuinely useful at times, but for whatever reason, some users have been reporting that Facebook-developed apps aren't showing up here at all.

In 2013, Samsung released the Galaxy Round - its first attempt at a smartphone with a curved display - to select Asian markets so it could learn from its mistakes to wow a larger population.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup is expected to be composed of three models when it launches next year, according to a well-known research analyst.

Looking at the render, it is likely that Samsung has added the dual-aperture lens that the company launched with the Galaxy S9 series earlier this year.

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