Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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'Doctor Who': New Trailer Shows Off New Faces, New Worlds, New Times

'Doctor Who': New Trailer Shows Off New Faces, New Worlds, New Times

In addition to the new lead, the new showrunner and the new writers, this latest season of Doctor Who will also feature a new composer. "New faces, new worlds", we hear Whittaker's character say in the trailer.

Moffat's time, while exceptional in parts, had grown somewhat stale, and this really feels like a fresh start for the series, something echoed at San Diego Comic-Con. "If you know somebody out there for some mad reason hasn't seen Doctor Who", he adds, "then this is the year to jump on".

"You don't write the Doctor any differently because she's a woman", Chibnall said. It's also a casting decision that will mean a lot to the show's incredibly passionate fan base, and has nothing to do with being a gimmick. "I think there's a lot of new things this year".

'Doctor Who': New Trailer Shows Off New Faces, New Worlds, New Times
'Doctor Who': New Trailer Shows Off New Faces, New Worlds, New Times

After checking with Chibnall if she could reveal one more detail, she added, "sometimes within episodes, people's responses are different because they're speaking to a woman".

Tossin Cole and Mandip Gill, who play the Doctor's new companions, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan respectively, also shared this sentiment. "[Jodie's] audition for The Doctor simply blew us all away".

This is a new Doctor, a new showrunner, and a new age for Doctor Who, and while there will be easter eggs for fans to spot, don't expect the 13th Doctor to take too many trips down memory lane. "It's 10 standalone episodes, there's no two-parters or anything like that", Chibnall said.

The official word is Doctor Who will return sometime between September and December this year.

Yes, we all know by now that Doctor Who's new season introduces Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor... but does her gender really affect any of the timey-wimey stuff?

Her Universe is a clothing line created by someone else who had quite a big day yesterday - Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the Star Wars animated shows. It was littered with tents, sleeping bags, and chairs filled with long time Whovians who were making new friends, sleeping, playing games and discussing all things nerdy-but mostly anxious for the new era. Ryan gets "caught in a insane situation" when he accompanies the Doctor, whom he "challenges".

Naturally, it's because the Thirteenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver is now a toy to tie into the upcoming series, and actually available for purchase at Comic-Con.

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