Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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No-Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha: Rahul Gandhi misquotes unemployment figures

No-Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha: Rahul Gandhi misquotes unemployment figures

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday surprised the Lok Sabha when after bitterly criticising the BJP-led government during the no-confidence motion, he walked across to the treasury benches and hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Telugu Desam Party, which was the first to seek the no-confidence motion, will initiate the debate and Rahul Gandhi will be the Congress's lead speaker.

After a marathon 12 hours of debate, more than 60% of the lower house voted in the BJP's favour, but the vote was overshadowed by the theatrics of bitter Modi rival Rahul Gandhi.

Soon after the government won the no-confidence motion, Modi said that the NDA has the confidence of 125 crore people. The two exchanged some words.

Congress and BJP are on the warpath again over the Rafale deal, with Rahul Gandhi claiming in Parliament that French President Emmanuel Macron had told him that there was no secrecy pact in the contract that forbids Indian government from revealing the price of the jets. "The French President (Emmanuel Macron) said that before me".

Rahul Gandhi's hug to PM Modi and the subsequent "wink" after coming back to his seat prompted a furious discussion about the appropriateness of his actions. "In his reply, Modi asked all Lok Sabha members to dismiss the non-confidence motion, which he said was driven by arrogance and Congress" attempt to test its own probable allies.

He said the Prime Minister had promised to be a "chowkidar" but had become a "bhagidar". "India will be watching us closely", Modi said ahead of the no trust vote in the House. "We have appealed against the verdict and obtained a stay", he said. He said the party moved no-confidence motion were once with the NDA.

Modi rejected the opposition charge and said the government was taking steps to protect all sections of the society. You hate me, I maybe "Pappu" for you. He (Rahul) had said last time that when he would speak, there would be an natural disaster. "Any instance of violence brings shame to the nation".

He said in the current atmosphere where everything and everyone have been divided by the Modi government on grounds of religion, caste, colour, creed, region, language and even food habits, "Rahulji set a new political discourse for rebinding the country by affection and cohabitation, on the lines of what Mahatma Gandhi had said".

He blamed the Congress for division of the country at the time of the independence, as also for division of Andhra Pradesh in a manner which had left the people there unhappy.

Accusing the Opposition of portraying a wrong message that the government is anti-Dalit, Paswan said the change in reservation policy was directed by the Supreme Court and not the government. These states are peaceful and prospering.

Opposition leaders, however, hope to reap political gains ahead of national elections early next year. 451 members were present in the Lok Sabha and the half-way mark was 226.

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