Published: Mon, July 30, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

AASU opens Control Room to help people find their names in NRC

AASU opens Control Room to help people find their names in NRC

Its been a quite long that an unanswered question has been mongering across Assam, raising significant doubts over the citizenship of people living in the state.

To prove eligibility for inclusion in the final NRC draft, an applicant needs to submit Claim in the prescribed format. The first NRC was prepared in 1951 following the first wave of immigrants from the then East Pakistan.

In many cases, earlier documented by Al Jazeera, people have faced harassment and discrimination, with several individuals falsely marked "D" voters or declared foreigners. We are confident law and order will be maintained at any cost. We will always abide by the direction of Supreme Court: Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal.

Villagers wait outside the National Register of Citizens centre to get their documents verified
Image Villagers are having to get documents verified

"If the government has made a decision to brand us foreigners what can we do?" The draft is not final, people can still file their claims.

Asking the opposition to list out what role the government has played in the NRC, Singh said, "It is a sensitive issue and should not be politicised unnecessarily".

Criticising the Centre over the final draft of NRC, Mamata Banerjee said that they can not push the people back into the dark hole. Does Centre have any rehabilitation program for them? Ultimately it is Bengal which will suffer.

Questioning the timing of the release of the NRC list, Banerjee accused the BJP of doing politics ahead of the 2019 elections. Request Home Minister to bring an amendment - says the West Bengal chief minister.

"People are being isolated through a gameplan". She has accused the BJP of using this stratagem for electoral gains, of turning people - Bengalis, Biharis, Hindus and Muslims - into refugees in their own country and of pursuing a policy of divide and rule. "Consequences will be felt in our state also", Mamata further added.

The list was uploaded on a government website, but many in remote regions of Assam, who lack internet connectivity, traveled to government booths set up for the exercise to determine their status. Mamata also said that West Bengal will serve as a refuge for the displaced. "Is the government trying to do forceful eviction", the TMC chief asked. I will appeal to the Home Ministry that these people need to be saved for the sake of humanity. "Consequences will be felt in our state also", Banerjee said at a press conference before leaving for a two-day visit to New Delhi.

The minister told the Lok Sabha that the list has been published on the directives of the Supreme Court and the Centre has no role in it.

The final list of the National Register of Citizens was released on July 30.

Malati Thapa, 70, another resident of Guwahati, also found her name missing from the final draft.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist party, which came to power in the state in 2016, says the new citizenship test aims to protect ethnic Assamese and crack down on illegal migration. This means that the names of 40.07 lakh have been left out.

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