Published: Tue, July 31, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Colombian Drug Gang Puts $70K Bounty On German Shepherd — BRUHNews

Colombian Drug Gang Puts $70K Bounty On German Shepherd — BRUHNews

The six-year-old German shepherd is now stationed at the Bogotá Airport, which is much safer than the gang's heartland, where she used to work with counter-narcotics forces.

Colombian authorities have been forced to relocate a police dog responsible for sniffing out more than 2,000 kilos of cocaine after a drug cartel placed a $7,000 bounty on the animal.

According to the National Post, Sombra's search skills have led to the seizure of more than ten tons of cocaine and the arrest of 245 people-so far.

Colombia's Caribbean coast is a major... It's in Turbo that Sombra sniffed out the 10 tons of cocaine. One shipment was packed into banana boxes and bound for Belgium.

Sombra wasn't fooled by the labels-her nose told her what was hidden inside.

Previous year marked a major success for the country's police, which seized a staggering 12 tons of cocaine linked to Colombia's Gulf Clan, estimated to be worth around $360 million. And its leader, Dairo Antonio Úsago, is the most wanted man in the country.

Otoniel, outraged by the enormous losses caused by Somra's sensitive nose, offered 200 million pesos, about $70,000 USA, to anyone who eliminated the highly effective anti-drug campaigner, El Spectador reported.

Colombia's national police estimates it has lost at least 1,800 officers - and a number of dogs - to the war on drugs in the past two decades.

Over the past three years, Sombra has become "the torment of Otoniel, seizing 9 tons of cocaine", anti-narcotics police said in a tweet.

Colombia is considered the world's largest producer of cocaine.

Sombra's efforts for law enforcement have twice earned her the Wilson Quintero medal, an honour awarded for critical contributions to the fight against drug trafficking.

"She's playful, and in fact that is part of the development of her job. Not only to look for caches of illicit drugs but also, after her work is done, to de-stress, so to speak".

Colombian police uncovered the threat against the talented canine during an intercepted phone call earlier this month.

Sombra, which is Spanish for Shadow, has found almost 10 tons of the Urabenos' cocaine, which prompted the country's most powerful organized crime regime to put out a hit on the dog.

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