Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Zimbabwe's Election Commission Announces Majority Win for Ruling Party

Zimbabwe's Election Commission Announces Majority Win for Ruling Party

Robert Mugabe's old party Zanu PF have claimed victory in the first election held in Zimbabwe since the former dictator was pushed out of office a year ago.

After first indicating it would release presidential vote totals on Wednesday, the electoral commission said it would wait until Thursday, adding that agents for the more than 20 candidates must verify them first.

A minister at the Foreign Office, Harriet Baldwin, said the situation was being monitored "closely".

Yesterday, at least six people were feared dead last night, while several others sustained gunshot injuries after soldiers and police in Harare used brute force to suppress MDC Alliance activists protesting against alleged electoral theft of their vote by Zanu PF and the Zec.

Gunfire crackled as troops, backed by armoured vehicles and a military helicopter and some with their faces masked, cleared the streets of opposition protesters.

There is a heavy police presence around the headquarters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party a day after the military swept into the city to disperse its supporters from protesting.

He has repeatedly accused ZANU-PF and election authorities of trying to use a flawed electoral register and fixed ballot papers to steal the election.

"The opposition. have perhaps interpreted our understanding to be weak, and I think they are testing our resolve and I think they are making a big mistake", he said.

"We are just waiting to see what they will do next since they don't want us in town".

But the opposition says Zanu-PF rigged the election.

The MDC broke into factions after the death in February of its veteran leader Morgan Tsvangirai as his deputies battled over who his successor should be.

Police officers armed with riot gear guard the entrance to the building where partial election results have been announced in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The government has said that the army was deployed in central Harare to assist police in restoring order.

"ZEC is taking its time to transmit results from polling stations to wards and to constituency centres, and this delay is totally unacceptable particularly in urban centres like Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and Masvingo", he said. Why are the army here beating us? shooting us? "This is not an election it is a disgrace on our country", one young man, Colbert Mugwenhi, said. We've more votes than ED (Emmerson Dambudzo).

Another protester, Colbert Mugwenhi, said: "We had no weapons".

However, Douglas Mwonzora, a top MDC Alliance official, told the BBC's Andrew Harding that the endorsement on Sunday of their candidate by Mr Mugabe had cost the party votes.

There have been threats of protests and the opposition parties have said they will release their own set of results.

Without the worldwide community's stamp of approval for the election, Zimbabwe's next leader will struggle to unlock the billions of dollars of global donor finance needed to get the shattered economy back on its feet.

HARARE, Zimbabwe-The party of former President Robert Mugabe took the majority of seats in Zimbabwe's parliamentary elections, officials said, but European and US observers expressed reservations about the vote and tensions on the streets of the capital mounted.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, 40, said the presidential results were fraudulent. We will bring you updates as more information becomes available.

The turmoil started soon after opposition leader Nelson Chamisa claimed he had won the popular vote.

"The longer [the delay], the more the issue of lack of credibility arises", European Union observer Elmar Brok said.

The EU's assessment is critical in determining whether Zimbabwe can shed its pariah status as it could help attract investors and trigger an economic revival.

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