Published: Mon, August 06, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Pompeo says Iran sanctions will be enforced

Pompeo says Iran sanctions will be enforced

The deal had a list value of $536 million, though buyers and manufacturers typically negotiate lower prices.

Supporters of the Iran agreement have long argued that the US departure would alienate European allies who partnered with the the negotiations. The same day you (Americans) impose sanctions we open our economy.

The Toulouse, France-based firm did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Despite opposition from European allies, Trump in May pulled the United States out of a 2015 deal between world powers and Tehran under which global sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on Iran's nuclear programme. United Nations inspectors said Iran was complying with the deal, but Trump felt the agreement did not go far enough.

"Because (President Hassan) Rouhani went after his opponents and targeted people using the black market... now the US Treasury knows exactly how they bypassed the system", said Mohammad Reza Behzadian, former head of the Tehran chamber of commerce. They're the world's largest state sponsor of terror.

In short, Trump withdrew from the Iran deal, likely imposed tremendous cost and stress on Tehran's economy, and Iran has responded by staying in the deal and trying to portray itself as a good actor worthy of the world's support against USA hegemony. Representatives of the administration trump says that the sanctions resume "in an attempt to change the behavior of the Iranian regime".

The timing of the cryptocurrency's introduction couldn't be more important, as the aggressive moves by the Trump administration are already putting a tight squeeze on Iran's suffering economy. "I will meet, or not meet, it doesn't matter - it is up to them!"

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched his own rhetorical assault on Iran's leaders, promising unspecified backing for Iranians unhappy with their government. Since the United States withdrawal from the Iran deal, Iran's currency has taken a nosedive, soaring up to around 120,000 rials to a dollar.

In recent days, protests have broken out in several cities, with at least one person shot and killed.

State news agencies reported "scattered protests" of a few hundred people on Thursday in the cities of Shiraz, Ahvaz, Mashhad and Karaj, which police had brought under control.

Starting this week, Washington will re-impose sanctions on Iran's purchases of USA dollars, its trade in gold and precious metals, and its dealings with metals, coal and industrial-related software. The sanctions targeting Iran's oil industry could cut off a crucial source of hard currency.

The exercise could shut down of the Strait of Hormuz, a crucial Gulf passage for shipments of numerous commodities.

IRNA news agency quoted security officials as saying that security forces were deployed in response to calls for demonstrations in the centers of governorates.

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