Published: Tue, August 21, 2018
Sci-tech | By Lila Blake

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull abandons greenhouse gas target to prevent conservative revolt

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull abandons greenhouse gas target to prevent conservative revolt

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday averted a possible leadership challenge by dropping targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions to appease his critics, say local media, as a poll showed his government losing voter support.

Mr Peters is about to board a flight to Canberra where he will meet with his Australian counter-part, Julie Bishop, who is also the deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

Mr Dutton attended Mr Turnbull's office on Tuesday morning, shortly before the prime minister made the leadership announcement.

In a move that repeats the pattern of previous leadership spills such as Paul Keating's two ballots against Bob Hawke during 1991, Mr Dutton has resigned from cabinet and go to the backbench to consider his next steps.

Speculation of a possible leadership challenge for Malcolm Turnbull's Liberal spot has been flying, with Peter Dutton rumoured to be involved in a spill.

"We can not allow, as I said in the party room today, our internal issues to undermine our work", Mr Turnbull told reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

Despite Mr Turnbull's capitulation to energy policy rebels in his ranks, the expectation his leadership is under threat has grown.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese said the prime minister should call an election, if he survives the week.

Parliament sits for the rest of this week, then breaks until September 10.

As it happened: Liberal Party Leadership spill results announced.

We might even remember Bill Shorten exists.

On Monday, Mr Turnbull attempted to blunt conflict within the government by abandoning plans to set an emissions reduction target in legislation.

Hardline conservatives have just told electors in the starkest terms, "don't vote for this man, we know him, he is not one of us, not fit to lead". "We've had Rudd to Gillard, Gillard to Rudd, Rudd to Abbott, Abbott to Turnbull", he said. Abbott told the ABC outside Parliament House on Monday night.

Some lawmakers including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott argue the government should be focusing on cutting electricity prices instead of cutting emissions.

"I think there might be a second phase strategy here. And it was a conversion of convenience this morning".

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