Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
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A Surreal Fairy Tale: Inside Meghan Markle's First 100 Days of Royalty

A Surreal Fairy Tale: Inside Meghan Markle's First 100 Days of Royalty

However, it doesn't come as a surprise given Meghan has always been a dog-lover and was heartbroken when she had to leave Bogart, her beloved Labrador-German Shepherd mix behind in Toronto when she moved to the UK.

The pup that Meghan and Harry adopted is believed to be a Labrador. The cocker spaniel even got to share the limelight with Prince George, posing in their first family portrait (along with Tilly, the Middleton's family pet, who was too exhausted to pose for the pic).

Joining Markle's beagle, Guy, that she brought with her from the United States, the pair have just adopted a Labrador.

A source told The Sun that Meghan used to even let the pets sleep on her bed. Now at Kensington Palace, together with you are staying with a dog breed Labrador.

Last month a fan called, Elaine Adam-Steward reported a brief conversation she had with Prince Harry in Dublin. New duchesses and princesses, while lovely and elegant, would've left behind very fun and fulfilling lives to marry their princes.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said it very clearly, they want kids and we guess it is a matter of time until Meghan makes the big announcement.

Speaking about how Guy had adapted to living in the United Kingdom, he said: "I think he's doing just fine". "It was five days of time outdoors, long walks, good food and quality family time".

Explaining his love for dogs, Prince Harry's biographer, Penny Junor, said: "He loves them, but I suspect the reason he doesn't have one is because his life, until now, has been too peripatetic".

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