Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
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GOP exhales after McSally romp in Arizona - Source Politico

GOP exhales after McSally romp in Arizona - Source Politico

Rep. Martha McSally won the Republican nomination for Arizona's U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday, setting up a November contest with Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema. For his part, DeSantis thanked the president for "viewing me as somebody who could be a great leader for Florida".

Hopeful candidates battled for the Senate and House in the Florida primary elections, and in Oklahoma the voters selected their horses for the gubernatorial race and a few House seats. It included Rep. Gwen Graham, who is the daughter of former Florida governor and Sen.

Gillum ran with the enthusiastic support of Bernie Sanders, as well as funding from prominent left-wing Democrats George Soros and Tom Steyer. "Trump is going all out for DeSantis because he gets 100 percent of his news from Fox, and he knows DeSantis has gone to bat for him, and he knows Florida is important", said Trump adviser Roger Stone. He was elected mayor in 2014. "That's what I'm focused on, not on what other people are doing", said Sinema.

"Floridians joined Andrew in standing up and demanding real change and showed our nation what is possible when we stand together", the Vermont senator tweeted.

Florida and Arizona are both closely watched states, featuring growing minority populations that have bolstered Democratic candidates and Republican electorates that have grown older and more conservative. "That's not going to be good for Florida".

In a tweet later Wednesday, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, who is promoting a critical tell-all book about the president, sought to draw attention to that connection.

The strategy worked, and many voters say that's what convinced them to support DeSantis.

But the win also comes as the FBI is investigating corruption at city hall.

Gillum has said since the beginning he was told that he is not a target.

If elected, Gillum would become the state's first black governor.

"I think McSally will win". Television ads have already bombarded Arizona residents throughout the summer months, and a competitive general election is likely to draw in millions of dollars in outside spending for television ads and other campaigning.

Governors' races this cycle are especially critical.

Last night, riding on the back of an endorsement from President Donald Trump, Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis won his party's primary for governor.

Mr DeSantis campaigned on a pro-Trump platform and in one campaign advert encourages his toddler to "build the wall" with toy blocks - a nod to Mr Trump's planned border wall with Mexico.

Sharon Grant said she was planning to vote for Putnam - until Trump weighed in on the race.

Stitt is also running on a platform that should appeal to many independents and moderate Democrats, as his main promise is to make Oklahoma one of the best-run states in the union.

Josie Parke, 68, an interior designer in Coral Gables, said Trump's backing swayed her vote for DeSantis, too.

However, two months is almost an eternity in the news cycle, and it won't take much more good news for the Trump administration to sway more middle-ground voters into the Republican fold.

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