Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
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'Sex in City' actress Nixon in tense U.S. election debate

'Sex in City' actress Nixon in tense U.S. election debate

Cuomo did make news during the debate, saying in response to a question about his political future that he plans to serve a full four years and will not run for president if elected to a third term. "Which section of the sentence is worse?"

Mr Cuomo is a part of Democratic family dynasty, while Ms Nixon is a newcomer to politics who wants to lead a new progressive wing of the party.

Nixon used the debate to attack Cuomo on everything from his taxes, to the state's failure to pass the Reproductive Health Act, to his extensive real estate and corporate donations.

Cuomo responded that Nixon doesn't understand the challenges of leading the nation's fourth largest state and lives in a "world of fiction", while he resides in the real world where you don't just "snap your fingers" and change happens.

The two battled over everything from health care and public unions, to the state of the NY subway system.

The debate became heated following a question about New York's MTA, which Nixon said Cuomo had left underfunded.

'It's about doing. It's about management.

Debate moderator Maurice du Bois asked the governor point blank whether he could promise the people of NY that he would not run for president in 2020. He criticized Nixon for releasing four years of tax returns on a recent Friday afternoon, when reporters typically are taking off for the weekend and people pay less attention to the news, calling her second only to President Donald Trump in her lack of transparency.

Nixon scoffed at Cuomo's depiction of himself as a fierce opponent of the president, who like the two candidates is a New York City native.

"Today, you have to fight Donald Trump, who is the main risk to the state of New York", Cuomo said. Pressed on her plan to bring universal health care to NY, she spent 90 seconds walking through its potential fiscal impact. He has to be stopped.

Cynthia Nixon was the clear victor of Wednesday's Democratic gubernatorial debate, and not just because she had the easier job of offering lefty pie in the sky without the burden of ever having had to deliver on a campaign promise. "We need to oppose Donald Trump not just with rhetoric but with policy". "I'm going to fight with him", Cuomo said.

Cuomo touted his work on rebuilding New York City's airports, the new Mario Cuomo bridge, rebuilding New York City's Penn Station, as well as expanding the city's convention center, the Javitz Center.

"Yeah", Cuomo said. He hesitated for a moment. "The subway system is owned by New York City".

Cuomo said he's the right person to lead resistance to the Trump administration's policies in NY.

Nixon hit Cuomo for the issues plaguing the subway saying "he's had seven and a half years to avoid this very avoidable crisis in our New York City subway and he has done next to nothing".

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