Published: Mon, September 03, 2018
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Buhari Lands In China for FOCAC Summit

Buhari Lands In China for FOCAC Summit

The President will join other African Heads of States and Government for the top-level meeting. Trade between Africa and China in 2014 was at $220 billion.

On Monday, a number of African leaders will gather in Beijing for a summit focused on economic ties which will include talks on the "Belt and Road" programme.

Sisulu identified rising nationalistic ethos, populism, unilateralism, protectionism and the emergence of global trade wars among the current challenges that representatives of all 54 states gathering for Forum on China-Africa Cooperation had to confront during the two-day summit that would end on Tuesday.

A more well-known name would be Huajian, a Chinese shoemaker that produces for brands like GUESS and Calvin Klein.

"China's investment in Africa comes with no political strings attached, " Xi said.

"Long-term, sustainable China-Africa development depends on the young people of both sides", Liu said.

This is the third such summit; the first was in Beijing in 2006 and the second was held in South Africa three years ago.

But in a staunch defence of his signature belt and road plan, Xi said China was not pursuing "political self-interest" in its investments in Africa.

China is on a quest to become the world's economic superpower and Africa will be its gateway into infrastructure development investment deals.

Ahead of FOCAC, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, now the chair of the African Union, also dismissed the concerns, telling the official Xinhua news agency talk of "debt traps" were attempts to discourage African-Chinese interactions.

"The time has now come for us to make FOCAC a transformative tool to change the lives of our people and future generations for the better", she said.

"China does not interfere in Africa's internal affairs and does not impose its own will on Africa. Is China unfairly exploiting Africa like the others before it?"

Xi said China would set up a China-Africa peace and security fund and that a total of 50 "security assistance" programs will be carried out, such as United Nations peacekeeping missions, fighting piracy and combating terrorism. Most of the plans have been implemented, it said.

"Western media deliberately portray Africans in misery for collaborating with China and they appear to have discovered big news by finding occasional complaints in the African media about Sino-Africa cooperation", it said.

Amid growing criticism over its debt-heavy approach to foreign aid, China is hosting a summit for African leaders on Monday aimed at promoting Beijing's vision for development on the continent.

The FOCAC summit, that will be held at the Great Hall of the People, will be attended and addressed by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki.

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