Published: Wed, September 05, 2018
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

Jets didn't offer Raiders multiple 1st-round picks for Khalil Mack

Jets didn't offer Raiders multiple 1st-round picks for Khalil Mack

For what it's worth, the Packers themselves will be giving the Bears plenty of unscouted looks.

Rare was the player whose career included stints with both teams.

Among those who played for both, there's usually an allegiance that sticks. Understandably, after piling up 40.5 sacks over four seasons, winning a Defensive Player of the Year award, and being named First Team All-Pro twice, Mack wanted a new contract that would make him the highest paid defensive player. He broke in with the Patriots in 1980 and finished with the Packers in 1994. Across the state of Florida that season, the Buccaneers went 12-4 and won the Super Bowl in part because of the trade two years earlier with the Jets in which they acquired Keyshawn Johnson, who became their leading receiver. The past year of my career I went up there and wasn't any good anymore and stole their money. New head coach Matt Nagy, a proud descendant of the Andy Reid coaching tree, figures to find innovative ways to use all of them, as well as pint-sized running back Tarik Cohen.

Bennett and McMichael were actually teammates with the Packers in 1994, Bennett's third season in the league.

2018 will be a special year for these Bears.

Bennett then came back to the Packers as assistant coach from 2005-17. Nagy brought in former OR head coach Mark Helfrich, so it's reasonable to assume the Bears will place an even greater emphasis on zone read and run-pass option concepts into his offense. He was always careful not to say anything that would stir up trouble.

"We don't have to like or agree with everything", Carr said.

For the Packers to reach their goals of a division crown, a first-round bye and a potential number one seed in the NFC playoffs, a fast start to the season will be essential.

The anomaly is Julius Peppers, who shouldn't be strictly associated with one team or the other. "We did change the dynamic of how things are done from the people in the locker room".

"I'm not really here to kick them while they're down", Peppers said after that game.

"We're going to be second-guessed until the cows come home on this". But despite the layoff, Mack said he's confident he'll be able to take on the Packers in a week. Based on the fact that Green Bay felt the need to sign the likes of LeShun Daniels and Bronson Hill to contracts in late August, it seems that the team doesn't feel especially comfortable with what it has available.

According to Pro Football Talk, he said during a SportsCenter promo on during Sunday's LSU-Miami game that he was looking forward to tuning into the show because it would include Gruden's comments on the Mack trade.

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