Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Apple recalls certain iPhone 8s that abruptly freeze or turn off

Apple recalls certain iPhone 8s that abruptly freeze or turn off

Apple first introduced a device sans a home button past year with the iPhone X, and if rumors are to be believed, the company is ready to go all-in with FaceID for all three new phones.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple has made a decision to go with "iPhone Xs Max" for the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone coming down the pipe. The "plus" models a bigger screen with a better camera and a multitude of more features in comparison to the lower models. Some sources are saying it could be named iPhone XS Max to symbolize the bigger screen. Both the XS and XS Max will also reportedly see an internal spec boost over the current iPhone X, with a new A12 processor and 4GB of RAM. And we have a new leak that shows us the purported colors of the handset.

To support the work of two SIM-cards is iOS only 12, which at this stage still there is no support for such models, but Apple is going to have time to add it to the time of the release of the iPhone.

Waiting for new and upgraded Apple Watch? As for storage, the LCD-equipped iPhone is available in 64GB and 256GB options.

Apple's event invitation made heavy use of the color gold, fueling speculation on social media that the company plans to launch a gold-colored successor to the iPhone X, which was made available only in silver and gray previous year. Indeed, the success Apple saw with the iPhone X certainly demonstrates that consumers have no problem spending upwards of $1,000 to get the latest and greatest mobile technologies Apple has to offer. But all will be revealed september 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater inside Apple Park.

Besides, it could have reduced bezel with an OLED display and improved power and battery. There will also be a cheaper LCD version.

Moreover, there were leaked images of the Apple Watch Series 4.

On Wednesday, September 12, Apple is going to host an event where it is expected the company will announce three new iPhones.

In this guide we'll take you through reasons to consider waiting and also some reasons to think about settling on another device in 2018 or in the first half of next year.

Despite numerous signs pointing in the opposite direction, our money is on iPhone 8S and iPhone 8S Plus as the names of the new iPhones that will launch on 12 September 2018.

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