Published: Sat, September 08, 2018
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Hurricane Florence churns toward Bermuda as Gordon soaks U.S.

Hurricane Florence churns toward Bermuda as Gordon soaks U.S.

It is carrying maximum sustained winds near 35 miles per hour, and at 2 p.m., it was located about 440 miles of southernmost Cabo Verde Islands.

The National Hurricane Centre (NHC) in Miami said Florence's weakening appeared to have stopped for the moment, but restrengthening is forecast over the weekend.

This is likely due to wind shear, or strong opposing winds whipping over that portion of the Atlantic that can tear storms apart.

As the cyclone headed toward the U.S. east coast the governor issued the order to bypass transportation rules, so farmers could collect their crops without any delay. "This setup will guide Florence on a west to northwesterly course into next week".

Hurricane Florence churns toward Bermuda as Gordon soaks U.S.
Hurricane Florence churns toward Bermuda as Gordon soaks U.S.

Most storms in that region tend to curve away from the United States. As soon as Florence's structure fell apart Thursday, it turned westward with the low-level trade winds.

A new low pressure system was moving into the East Atlantic last night and showed an 90 per cent chance of cyclone formation. However, there are differences in the models once the models put it off of North/South Carolina. By that time, it will be a major hurricane, forecasters say.

"Little change in intensity is expected during the next day or so, but restrengthening is forecast over the weekend, " the hurricane center's advisory said. Just how close it tracks to the Carolina coast is still uncertain; there are several possibilities. See possible paths in the so-called spaghetti model above.

Because of the uncertainty in the storm's final destination, it is premature to discuss exactly what hazards it will inflict, where, and when. One is its movement into warmer than normal ocean waters. Some areas further inland could also contend with damaging winds and flooding rain.

Winds peaked at 130 miles per hour Wednesday before weakening to 60 miles per hour on Friday.

Tropical Storm Florence, now in the Atlantic about 1,500 miles from the coast, is expected to strengthen into a hurricane by Sunday, and continue gaining power for days.

Florence's forecast track overlaid on a map of current sea surface temperature.

Could Cape Cod take a hit from Tropical Storm Florence? Do you know where you would go if evacuations are required?

The state emergency office recommends that kits have enough supplies for every person in your household for three to seven days. Trim them now. Declutter drains and gutters.

The next name on the list for the Atlantic Hurricane Season is Isaac. Hurricane tracking models remains split in the longer term but they will likely begin tightening up in the coming days.

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