Published: Mon, September 17, 2018
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

Matthews miffed over crucial roughing penalty

Matthews miffed over crucial roughing penalty

Both teams scored field goals with the game finishing 26-26. Then Cousins hit Stefon Diggs on a fade for a two-point conversion to tie the game with just 31 seconds remaining in regulation.

"What are my emotions?" Instead, they go down and score, overtime.

The Green Bay Packers had just forced Kirk Cousins to throw a crushing interception.

A week after recording his worst fourth-quarter performance of his career by going 0-for-7 against the 49ers, Cousins displayed poise and precision in working his connections to bring Minnesota within striking distance.

Through two weeks, Thielen has himself two 100-yard games.

Matthews miffed over crucial roughing penalty

But Corrente said the new rule didn't play a part in that Matthews play.

Crosby nearly had six field goals, but his first, successful attempt from 52 at the end of the regulation was erased because the Vikings called timeout right before the snap.

"When [Matthews] hit the quarterback, he lifted him and drove him into the ground", Corrente said.

The good news for the Packers and their fans (like me) is that Aaron Jones is returning from a two-game suspension next week. "I thought he made some really good plays".

Fridays are a rest and recovery day. Thielen caught 12 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown, and Diggs had nine receptions for 128 yards and two touchdowns.

And last week, the Green Bay Packers' all-time sack leader was on the side nobody wants to be on.

According to, Green Bay has a 9-3-1 mark (.731) against the Vikings (including playoffs) at Lambeau Field under Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

Another low: the missed field goals by Daniel Carlson. Cousins pulled on his own experiences in relaying words of encouragement to the rookie kicker.

"(Cousins) just keeps going", Diggs said.

Matthews talked to reporters following the game and expressed frustration with the call.

"He's wired with the right kind of stuff. I don't know. It's a hard call to call". "He's got the right wiring, and he'll be alright".

And the controversy sparked by the penalty - just or not - speaks to the increasing gray area created by the National Football League messing with the roughing rules again in the offseason.

In 2013, a tie helped the Packers make the playoffs.

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