Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

We have been pronouncing Chrissy Teigen's name wrong this whole time

We have been pronouncing Chrissy Teigen's name wrong this whole time

We've all been pronouncing her name wrong, all of these years.

Even she gave up and started pronouncing it the wrong way too!

The next time you invite Chrissy Teigen and Ariana Grande to your backyard barbecue (John Legend and Pete Davidson are also invited, I guess), be sure to say their names right. Teigen quote-tweeted Alagha's comment writing "breathe Chrissy", in order to not go off.

"Last name is tie-gen not tee gen" she wrote.

"I don't correct people, ever".

In case you need a second opinion, Chrissy's mom Vilailuck can be heard bellowing her confirmation off-camera.

"The bigger story is Ariana", Teigen said when Rancic let her know she'd blown the entire internet's minds overnight. "I even excellent of us when they are saying it's all v effed up". Of his new gig, he said, "I'm excited for that".

Lest you think she's lying about her last name, she brought in backup.

"I'm exhausted of living this lie".

Well, at least there are others out ther who feel her pain. During an apperance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host actually pronounced her name correctly.

As Teigen is an established celeb, the world will most likely continue to call her "Tee-gen".

Meanwhile, another Twitter user wasn't happy about Chrissy presenting an award onstage with her husband, John Legend.

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