Published: Thu, September 27, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Here Are the Things President Trump Criticized in His United Nations Speech

Trump used his annual address to the United Nations to attack Iran's "corrupt dictatorship", praise last year's bogeyman North Korea and lay down a defiant message that he will reject globalism and protect American interests.

US President Donald Trump has made yet another incredibly audacious claim which defies very recent and well-publicised audio and visual evidence, saying that the United Nations General Assembly did not laugh in his face during his most recent address.

In regard to Iran, the president called on world leaders to join the isolating and sanctioning Tehran until the Islamic republic stops spreading terrorism and working to build a nuclear arsenal.

"Behind our backs, they laugh at us because of our own stupidity", he said in an appearance on Larry King Live three decades ago, according to NPR. "They were in big, big trouble".

"The United States of America one day, sooner or later, will come back".

US-Iran relations have been sour for decades and Mr Trump has rarely lost an opportunity to criticise Tehran.

We'll have more on Trump's appearance at the General Assembly and growing USA threats against Iran after headlines with University of MI professor Juan Cole. The United States, Morales said, "could not care less about human rights or justice". Trump added, "So true".

If America's allies were more polite, they seemed barely more impressed. "Oh it was great, well, that was meant to get some laughter, so it was great", he said.

"For many years, the scale and nature of Iran's nuclear program raised serious global concerns".

"We ask all nations to isolate Iran's regime as long as its aggression continues and we ask all nations to support Iran's people as they struggle to reclaim their religious and righteous destiny", he said.

"He wrote me two of the most handsome letters", Trump said of Kim. "The JCPOA is imperfect, but it is a decisive step in that exact direction".

A gavel-wielding Mr Trump vowed that re-imposed sanctions will be "in full force" and urged world powers to work with the United States to "ensure the Iranian regime changes its behaviour and never acquires a nuclear bomb".

"Didn't expect that reaction, but that's OK", Trump added after a pause, eliciting more laughing and clapping from the audience. A host of prominent European firms have already decided that trade with Iran may not be worth the risk of legal battles with Washington.

On North Korea, Mr Trump called for sanctions to be strictly enforced against Pyongyang - a message directed at Russian Federation and China which are pushing for an easing of punitive measures to reward North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

At the UN General Assembly in 2018, it's amusing that Trump thinks himself an effective president.

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