Published: Thu, September 27, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Maduro says he's ready 'to shake hands' with Trump

Maduro says he's ready 'to shake hands' with Trump

Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro departed for the United States Wednesday; hoping to secure worldwide aid for his nation's crumbling economy during the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

Maduro said that 28 people had been convicted of the "terrorist plot" and that the investigation proved the attack had been financed and planned in the United States and Colombia.

He also invited the United Nations - and even the FBI - to investigate the attempt "and discover the truth".

Business will continue Wednesday at the General Assembly, where for a second day, 193 United Nations members take turns to speak out on pressing world issues and their national priorities in world affairs. "They are trying to build a dossier to justify an worldwide intervention".

"I am landing in NY to defend the truth of Venezuela, to bring the voice of our fatherland", said Maduro.

On Tuesday, Trump suggested that Maduro could be toppled by his own military as the U.S stepped up financial pressure by slapping the socialist president's inner circle with fresh sanctions.

"All options are on the table", Trump said.

First lady Cilia Flores, a lawyer and former attorney general who also ran the country's legislature, frequently appears at public events with Maduro and is seen an important behind-the-scenes power broker.

Venezuela jumped back into U.S. crosshairs this week, with a slate of fresh U.S. Treasury Department sanctions on top Venezuelan figures, new Senate legislation aiming to further isolate the Venezuelan regime, and tough talk of even harsher measures from U.S. President Donald Trump at the annual United Nations General Assembly in NY. "We have to defend the continent from these unilateral threats", he said.

Maduro's arrival came as Venezuela was taking a thrashing.

The measure sanctioned six officials in Maduro's "inner circle", including Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, and "blocked" a $20 million private jet identified as belonging to a front-man of a top official.

On Wednesday, presidents from several conservative Latin American governments are expected to meet in NY to sign a complaint with the International Criminal Court asking it to investigate Maduro on charges of crimes against humanity.

As a backdrop to the diplomatic maneuvering were rumbles of even more dramatic action.

"Donald Trump said he was anxious about Venezuela, he wanted to help Venezuela", Maduro said.

But he declined to talk about possible United States military options.

Venezuela was once among the wealthiest nations in Latin America, but the economy has been gutted by falling oil prices, reduced oil output and widespread incompetence and corruption. But, given the country's divided opposition and a mostly loyal military, even that ramped-up USA pressure is unlikely to be enough to end the rule of President Nicolás Maduro anytime soon.

According to a recent poll, 30.5 percent of Venezuelans often just eat once a day.

Maduro claims he is a victim of an economic war waged by Washington.

"Of course, because it isn't his family that's going to die, it's easy for [Trump] to promote violence and the assassination of leaders in a country", Arreaza said. Like Venezuela, both countries have had crushing sanctions imposed on them. "We're a country that hasn't surrendered and will never surrender".

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