Published: Thu, September 27, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Kristi Paul

Meghan Markle refuses to "lower herself" to meet with half-sister Samantha

Meghan Markle refuses to

Just like that; as if she were a dirty commoner like the rest of us, rather than a newly-minted member of the British Royal Family.

Another wrote, "Meghan has had voice coaching, she seems much softer, bit like how Kates changed too".

Upon arrival at London's Royal Academy of Arts, the former Suits star was all smiles as she stepped out of the back seat of a luxury vehicle.

"Everyone is freaking out because Meghan Markle closed her own door..."

Meghan might be trying to send a message that she's the same simple girl, but as etiquette expert Mr Hanson reminds us 'life is very different for Meghan now she's joined The Firm -' no more selfies or autographs.

Wimbledon's Royal Box protocol asks that ladies do not take hats into the box as not to "obscure the vision of those seated behind them".

A third tweeted: "Meghan closes the door to the vehicle she got out from and it is sparking a debate that she might be breaking protocol wooooooooow".

Within hours, global media outlets shrieked that Meghan had "broken royal protocol" by taking door-closing duties into her own pristine hands.

Others couldn't understand all the fuss!

Meghan doesn't just close vehicle doors with her own hands - she waves with them, too!

She's not the first royal to do this, her husband Prince Harry also closed the door of his Range Rover at the launch of Together: Our Community Cookbook earlier this month.

She is adored by the public and shadowed at every appearance by the press.

Meanwhile, The Sun's royal correspondent Emily Andrews tweeted: "A princess who still takes the time to shut her auto door". She was raised an independent, American woman. That is to say, she did not wait for a member of her staff to do that for her.

Apparently the Queen "always sits behind the driver, although etiquette stipulates that the most senior person in a vehicle should sit diagonally behind the chauffeur".

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