Published: Fri, September 28, 2018
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GOP Senator Regrets that Judiciary Committee Hired Outside Counsel

GOP Senator Regrets that Judiciary Committee Hired Outside Counsel

Mitchell's performance was panned on both sides: Republicans and Kavanaugh supporters said it was a mistake to have her methodically question Ford about the time line rather than allowing GOP senators to question her about things like the fact that the three people she named as being at the party all say they don't recollect it (including a female friend). Previously, she only headed the sex crimes bureau.

Mitchell will question Ford and Kavanaugh for Republican senators, while Democratic senators have chosen to question the pair themselves.

"She should have had a secondary theme because this is not working". "But if she grills both of them equally, she'll be a superstar".

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office said Mitchell has been "instrumental" in developing protocols for investigating child abuse and sexual assault cases "enhancing the ability for victims to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect while holding offenders accountable".

"She was actually asking him fact-based questions and he was evasive and he couldn't answer them and they did not want that to happen", she said.

"We're doing everything since The Washington Post story to accommodate Dr. Ford with the environment she wanted". Mitchell will speak for five minutes for each Republican senator, but will alternate with Democrats.

"It's a recipe for disaster", Romley said. "It's a disgusting format for an experienced attorney to be broken up every five minutes, before you can even get to your point".

Mitchell asked Ford the kind of questions you would expect a detective or investigator to ask a complainant (or, if you prefer, a victim) during the course of an investigation.

A few minutes earlier, Hatch, the most senior Republican, had summed up Ford's first wave of testimony about her allegations in an awkward fashion: "I'll say this - she's attractive and she's a nice person". But without a real investigation, he added, there's not much she can do.

Riffing off of Ford's job of teaching, Blumenthal waxed poetically, "You have given America a great teaching moment". "She got there, and that is when the blowup happened and she was sacked".

"Mitchell was given an impossible task", said Paul Bender, a professor of law and dean emeritus for the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. After drinking, had he ever woken in a different place than the one he fell asleep in, or had he ever woken up with his clothes in a different condition?

Mitchell also tried to clarify or point out inconsistencies in Dr. Ford's various statements.

Then, Republican senators started taking over their five-minute allotments, and all hell broke loose. So, while what's expected to play out Thursday in the Judiciary Committee's Dirksen Building hearing room is uncommon, it is certainly not unprecedented. That continued Thursday, as women and men across the country watched and listened to the testimony and shared their own stories.

Compared to that scene, Mitchell did the Republicans a great service. Multiple Republican senators have told Fox News that they want to hear Ford's testimony before deciding which way to vote on Kavanaugh's nomination.

"You have inspired and you have enlightened America", he added.

"We as prosecutors can only file cases that we feel there's a reasonable likelihood of conviction and so that is not really her role tomorrow", says Nanetti.

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