Published: Tue, October 02, 2018
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The One iPhone XS Max Setting Everyone Needs to Know

The One iPhone XS Max Setting Everyone Needs to Know

The worst of them is 'chargegate' where phones won't charge in sleep mode even when the lightning connector is plugged in.

Normally, when an iPhone is plugged in, the screen turns on and a large battery icon appears to indicate that the phone is charging.

While most of the time the iPhone function normally and automatically begin charging the device, on occasion, plugging the phone did not show any charging sign, a user by the name xMASTIFFSx said.

In most cases, waking the phone by tapping the screen solves the issue. Let's get into the details of a potential iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max "charge-gate". People affected by this problem show that the iPhone is working correctly with a wireless charger.

For those who prefer everything in one place, get this leather folio for your iPhone XS Max. Speculation is that it may have something to do with USB Restricted Mode, a feature introduced in iOS 11.4.1, which prevents USB devices from interacting with an iOS device if it's been locked for more than an hour.

It's also despite the fact that an OLED panel is typically a much more efficient power-user than similar LCD screens, which are notorious for being fairly power hungry.

If the changes are being caused by unintentional excessive noise reduction, users won't be able to change it, but rather it will have to be changed by Apple in a software update.

Apple's yet to comment on this, but with #chargegate gaining momentum online (of course it is), perhaps a statement is inevitably coming. However, ig your iPhone is longer under Apple Care, you should first try out the methods listed below. In other cases, that fix doesn't work at all and your best bet is to contact Apple's customer support. "You might also see an alert asking you to unlock your device to use accessories". In China, of course, beauty filters are common features for domestic smartphone brands and often turned on in new phones' default settings.

As we're now pampering our iPhones from fear of seeing them smashed on the ground, we though it would be quite useful to shed some light on a slew of excellent rugged cases you could get for Apple's new crown jewels.

Hopefully it is just a matter of time before Apple provides a statement or a permanent solution.

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