Published: Thu, October 04, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Windows 10 app mirroring brings your Android apps to your desktop

Windows 10 app mirroring brings your Android apps to your desktop

The new feature is accessed by pressing the Windows key + V.

Yesterday, Microsoft made the Windows 10 October 2018 Update available to anyone who wants it, meaning there's now only one development build on the go. (Mine is downloading as we speak). Notably, the update will be rolled out in a phased and controlled manner. It says that this will mean that your PC will prompt you to complete the update that it downloads in the coming weeks. This marks the first 19H1 build to roll out to standard Fast ring Insiders, though Skip Ahead Insiders have been testing the next feature update for some time now. It'll also allow you to send text messages from your PC, without having to utilize Cortana as was required in the past.

As Microsoft has pushed for Windows 10 to be the final major version of the operating system that it releases, bi-annual upgrades to keep the platform up to date are now the norm.

The Your Phone app right now works on Android, and it allows users to see and share photos from an Android device to PC. Additionally, you can now have multiple items held on the clipboard and can choose which gets pasted into your document or entry field by using Win+V.

This feature is supported by Android devices with Android 7.0 or newer, with iPhone users limited to syncing web pages between their device and Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft have also made their Windows 10 Game Mode easier to use as well, which should hopefully result in fewer interruptions when you're mid-game.

Not everyone uses a pen with their computer, but those who do will be pleased to learn that the October 2018 Update brings several enhancements to inking, such as the ability to transform your scribbles into perfectly formatted slides and a smarter PowerPoint Designer that will suggest slide designs based on your handwritten ink.

The feature has been testing with the Insider Programme for some time, but its full rollout will mark a period of analysis as to whether Microsoft can make good its mobile ambition through being a cuckoo rather than a creator.

It's hard to find, but you can now change the size of text in Windows 10 without making everything else bigger, too. To create these tile folders, just drag one tile on top of another for a second then release.

NOw, with Nvidia's first round of RTX hardware now on the market and DirectX Raytracing support baked into Windows 10, developers have even more reason to take an interest in ray-tracing technology.

Windows Server 2019 also rolled out today with its many improvements that include Kubernetes, Windows Defender improvements, WSL officially for Windows Server, and other improvements.

Generally speaking, if you have automatic updates installed, the Windows 10 October 2018 update will start going out in waves on October 9th. Larger Windows updates seem to have settled into a bi-annual rhythm.

Windows Security now has been improved where now it can now easily understand current threats, more improvements in the controlled folder access, new device health assessment, windows Account Protection improvements, more complete view of our security and a Fluend Design refresh. This is a much better name since the previous one was a mouthful.

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