Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Kavanaugh seeks new tone after Supreme Court fight; Trump apologies for process

Kavanaugh seeks new tone after Supreme Court fight; Trump apologies for process

Kavanaugh said he was thankful for the "steadfast, unwavering support throughout this process". "A brilliant jurist, a man that did nothing wrong, a man that was caught up in a hoax that was set up by the Democrats using the Democrats' lawyers, and now they want to impeach him".

A petition to impeach Justice Kavanaugh has more than 150,000 signatures. "I think it's an insult to the American public".

Trump's ceremony speech hammered a theme he has been hitting on all week: hoping to energize Republicans by attacking Democrats for opposing Kavanaugh.

Mr Kavanaugh said he was not changed by a "contentious and emotional" battle over his confirmation to the nation's highest court, which was imperiled by sexual misconduct allegations.

After taking the oath of office, Kavanaugh spoke to the audience vowing to serve the law in the Supreme Court.

Two other accusers stepped forward in the closing weeks of Kavanaugh's confirmation process to allege that he had behaved inappropriately with them while in high school and college.

Trump has repeatedly said that putting conservatives on the court - Kavanaugh is his second appointment - was among the top goals of his presidency.

"It was all made up", Trump said.

He angrily predicted that would backfire on Democrats in midterm Congressional elections in November. "The American public has seen this charade".

"I think it will be something very, very special", Trump told reporters gathered on the South Lawn.

Media captionTrump: "The main base of the Democrats have shifted so far left we'll end up being Venezuela".

"Mr. President, thank you for everything", he said. He added that he wasn't personally involved in speaking to Trump or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the issue of Kavanaugh's confirmation.

The president delivered remarks ahead of the swearing-in ceremony at the White House.

"False charges. False accusations", the president said at a convention for police chiefs in Orlando. "I said, "Brett, congratulations, this is going to be a piece of cake getting you confirmed".

Earlier on Monday he said "evil people" had brought up the allegations, even though it was unclear if he was referring to the accusers, their lawyers or Democratic lawmakers. "We all toughed it out together".

President Donald Trump said Monday he was apologizing on behalf of the whole country to his new conservative Supreme Court justice after one of the most contentious confirmation processes in United States history.

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