Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Facing heat, Australia to take children off Nauru by year-end

Facing heat, Australia to take children off Nauru by year-end

Asylum-seekers attempting to reach Australia by boat are intercepted and either pushed back or the occupants are detained to be brought to offshore detention centers.

A poll in The Sunday Telegraph showed nearly 80 per cent of Australians supported taking the children off Nauru. "A lot of asylum seeker children in the community in Australia are presenting to medical practitioners with elements of traumatisation and mental illness".

"They can start by accepting New Zealand's offer to resettle eligible refugees".

A poll conducted by Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper in late October revealed that more than 80 percent of Australians were in favour of resettling the children on Nauru after the Australian Medical Association (AMA) declared the situation a "medical emergency".

But more than 600 remain on Nauru, while refugee support groups say some 600 men are still in transition centres on Manus after the camp there was closed late past year. "It's been done in accordance with our policies, our existing policies and I obviously don't go into the operational arrangements", Morrison added.

Earlier, former attorney general George Brandis, now Australia's high commissioner to Britain, said in an interview with LBC radio in London that the government would remove the children within weeks.

What is seen to have changed the Government's hardline position is the result of the Wentworth by-election with newly elected independent Kerryn Phelps listing as among her first priorities as a member of parliament was to get kids off Nauru.

It is understood 38 children of asylum seekers remain on the island.

"That is, for five years bar the last fortnight, it required us going to court to force the government to bring kids that were suicidal, kids that were at risk of dying as young as six-months of age", he said. Has Scott Morrison made a policy blunder by setting this end of year deadline for removing children from Nauru? New Zealanders are allowed to live and work in Australia for as long as they like.

"Once people have received their medical assistance, then the expectation is that they will return to their country of origin", Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said today when asked about children being moved to Australia.

"Let's not forget, this news is completely opposite to what the government has been saying was possible, and they are still continuing to fight medical transfer cases in the courts", Neumann said, referring to the government's opposition to allowing adult asylum seekers into Australia for medical treatment. "We have to get these kids off Nauru now". "We are anxious, and the situation is getting worse day by day".

Government's expectation is people receiving medical assistance in Australia will - after having their health problems treated - be returned to their country of origin, or resettled in the United States or a third country.

The refugees did not want their full names used due to fear of reprisals.

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