Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Obama, Trump clash in final pitches to midterm voters

Obama, Trump clash in final pitches to midterm voters

Republicans, trying to move past that, have been enthusiastically pressing the economic argument.

An area that could be particularly stressful for Trump is the probing of his personal finances and benefits his properties and companies may or may not be receiving during his presidency.

It's a sign of tribal divisions that are driving much of what has happened in the 2018 campaign, and voters will resolve what remains to be seen - the outcome.

The ad then shows footage of throngs of people knocking down fences, and cuts to Fox News footage of the migrant caravan from Central America that Trump has raged over in recent weeks as he seeks to energize his base before the midterms.

As of Friday night, nearly 32.4 million people had cast ballots early, according to The Election Project at the University of Florida, which tracks turnout.

While it's often assumed that a Democrat-led house is bad for the stock market, and will be in this case, historically a Democrat controlled house has actually been slightly better than a GOP controlled house for stocks. The size of this "green wave" of cash has surprised and anxious Republicans.

This year, the pensioner is in favor and is the most wanted figure of the Democratic Party, in the absence of a natural leader.

This is key because 2020 is a census year, and redistricting is right around the corner.

Clearly aimed at white, suburban, affluent women whose votes could prove critical in congressional races, the ad makes no mention of Trump, who polls poorly with the demographic.

Trump said Donnelly, a first-term senator, was ineffective and referred to him as "Sleepin' Joe".

But the president has proved once again to be a powerful political force late in a campaign.

Heller is the only Republican running for re-election in a state Hillary Clinton carried in 2016.

"If the Republicans hold onto the Senate, I don't see a DACA bill getting through there unless there are a lot of enforcement provisions and possibly some reforms to legal immigration", said Chris Chmielenski, deputy director of Numbers USA, which bills itself as the nation's largest grassroots immigration reduction organization. Montanans went for Trump by a 20-point margin in 2016.

In Tennessee, Democrats had been hopeful about Phil Bredesen, a moderate, pro-business former governor. Around a third said healthcare was their "most important" issue.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is seeking a second term against Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke, a rising star in the Democratic Party who has shattered Senate campaign fundraising records despite shunning donations from outside political groups.

In the neighboring western states of Nevada and Arizona, the Democratic strategy for flipping Republican Senate seats in the Trump era is moving in opposite directions.

Throughout the campaign, Trump has been tested out other explanations - pointing to historical headwinds for the party of an incumbent president and complaining about a rash of GOP retirements this year.

A slim Republican majority in the House would also present challenges, likely inflaming simmering intraparty disputes. GOP candidates are struggling in races up and down the ballot in those two states.

Though Trump had frequently singled out numerous bomber's targets at his rallies - still attacking Hillary Clinton, his election opponent in 2016, for example, and then smiling as his audience chanted "Lock her up" - Trump's defenders tried to throw the spotlight elsewhere. For now, Republicans' hopes of turning Minnesota red have been put on hold.

Democrats also plan to reintroduce legislation safeguarding the integrity of the FBI's ongoing Russian Federation investigation by protecting key figures like special counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Democrats held the active voter registration advantage over Republicans when registration closed October 18 - 38.3 percent to 33.5 percent.

Twitter has also said it deleted more than 10,000 automated accounts posting messages that discouraged people from voting in Tuesday's elections and wrongly appeared to be from Democrats, after the party flagged the misleading tweets to the social media company.

Every midterm is a referendum on the president and his party, and Trump has embraced that dynamic more enthusiastically than any previous president. "And to tell their friends and families to vote".

Had the 14 crude bombs worked as intended, the bomb maker could have killed or gravely injured a who's who of Trump adversaries.

Another close race in Florida is for governor to replace the 65-year-old Mr Scott.

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