Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Money | By Hannah Jacobs

Blue wave? Democrats win House, but it looks more like a trickle

Blue wave? Democrats win House, but it looks more like a trickle

Voters line-up to cast their ballots at a polling station in Georgia.

"The only check right now on the behaviour of these Republicans is you and your vote". "It's you and your accidental two years vs America's first 240 years". Still, Republican voters tended to be overwhelmingly supportive of the president.

As Americans head to the polls Tuesday for congressional and state elections at the midpoint of Trump's first term as president, there are women at the other end of the spectrum, too - and they are also poised to play a key role, even if they might not be as willing to talk about it. Even if they lose the House, if Republicans keep the Senate, they still get to control the approval process for new judges.

Voters line up in Las Vegas.

Trump echoed what he's been saying for weeks as he stumps for Republican candidates for the House, Senate and governor's mansions: Democrats will throw America in reverse.

If Republicans win the House, they will continue to control Congress and the White House, allowing Trump to continue to press toward his legislative agenda as he has since he took office. There are also 36 governor's contests that are poised to determine if Democrats can make gains at the state level and roll back a longstanding Republican advantage.

Hillary Clinton urged her 23.6 million followers on Twitter to get out and vote.

Christine Giroux exits the voting booth at Transit Town Hall after casting her vote.

"Everything we have achieved is at stake tomorrow", Mr Trump told supporters last night in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at one of three rallies he held to stoke turnout on the last day before the election.

"The midterm elections used to be, like, boring", Trump told a crowd Monday in Cleveland, Ohio. "Now it's like the hottest thing". The remaining members of the National Election Pool and their pollster, Edison Research, have announced major changes of their own, including stationing pollsters at early voting centers.

Polls closed in most of in and the eastern half of Kentucky, as voters across the country continued to vote. The bill is still being drafted, but Democrats are expecting it to introduce it early in the new Congress.

Voting in Miami, Eloisa Alvarez said this election was "super important". "I feel to a certain extent I have no choice, but maybe I do", Trump said. "I just love the deregulation and I just want to keep everything moving, because I'm loving it". Appearing in IN, and later in Chicago, Obama warned Democrats not to be distracted by lies and fear-mongering.

"I don't know what to say about women who are sympathetic to Kavanaugh".

Carlos Gallinar, an El Paso resident, said he planned to vote for O'Rourke because of "the negative energy coming out of Washington and this president". You see what's happening with them.

A total of 10 of the Democratic incumbents up for re-election are from states the president won in 2016, including deep red Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia. "Today, we say enough".

"We are not going after the Republicans the way that they came after us", she said.

Yet with several races very close, there is potential for a nail-biting denouement. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, led by former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder, has pumped additional money into state races viewed as critical in future redistricting decisions.

US President Donald Trump called Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her.

But he conceded on Monday the House may slip from his party's grasp. Some of Democrats' best chances at new trifectas were in IL and New Mexico, where they already control both legislative chambers and were attempting to flip the governor's office.

Trump's divisive style was laid bare in the run-up to Tuesday's election, which saw the president resort to unfounded claims about his political opponents and vitriolic rhetoric on immigration in an effort to energize his base in contrast to the positive economic message that many down-ballot Republicans were touting.

Democrats in the House could be banking on launching an investigation using the results of US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's already 18-month-old probe of allegations of Russian interference on Trump's behalf in the 2016 presidential election. Just days later, tragedy gripped the nation after 11 people were killed in a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

The governor's races also have far-reaching consequences.

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