Published: Sun, November 25, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Over 500,000 Android devices affected by malware disguised as games

Over 500,000 Android devices affected by malware disguised as games

For example, once the driving game app is opened on an Android device, it automatically shuts down after showcasing two-three animations for a few seconds.

The Tumblr app has been removed from the iOS App Store, with the company confirming that it is working on resolving an issue with it.

Tumblr, a popular social networking and microblogging website, was recently booted from Apple's App Store after it was revealed that child pornography material had slipped through the platform's filter and wound up on the site. Lukas Stefanko security researcher from ESET has discovered thirteen applications on Google Play all of which carried malware. On the surface, absolutely nothing. In it, users found the saved performance test results of the smartphone Google Pixel 3 XL installed system is Android Q.

The issue was first reported Friday by tech blog PiunikaWeb, which pointed to user reports that the app wasn't working and noted that some users were "not able to turn off Safe Mode". What is clear is that the malware has persistence - launching every time the Android phone or tablet is started up, and has "full access" to its network traffic, which the malware author can use to steal secrets.

Tumblr's official app first appeared in the App Store nearly a decade after Tumblr acquired a third party app called Tumblerette.

If that wasn't wild enough, the story gets even stranger.

The apps were all developed by Luiz O Pinto, although whether this is a real name or an alias is unclear.

Apart from this, the apps' user reviews were mostly one-star, especially on an app called Truck Cargo Simulator. But on the backend, there were much more sinister things going on; they quietly installed malware on users' devices, and even deleted their own icon so the app would be harder to find and remove. Whether or not he (or she) will return in the future under a different alias remains to be seen, though.

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