Published: Fri, November 30, 2018
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Trump and Pence seek to rescue embattled Republican in Mississippi

Trump and Pence seek to rescue embattled Republican in Mississippi

In the aftermath of the video, Republicans anxious they could face a repeat of last year's special election in Alabama, in which a flawed Republican candidate handed Democrats a reliable GOP Senate seat in the Deep South.

The last U.S. Senate race of the midterms was coming to a close Tuesday as MS residents chose between a white Republican Senate appointee whose "public hanging" comments angered many people and a black Democrat who was agriculture secretary when Bill Clinton was in the White House.

When it was her time to speak, Hyde-Smith described herself as a true conservative and urged the crowd to send a text message to "everybody in your phone" to go vote for her on Tuesday.

"I'll be totally shocked if Espy wins", she added. The signs referred to the state's history of lynchings and the Senate race.

Another sign noted that MS had the highest record of lynchings between 1882 and 1968 - a statement backed by data on the NAACP's website.

"Don't pay attention to the polls, my race had me down by 13 points and we won by 17", she said.

Many of his supporters are expected to back Hyde-Smith. In another, she indicated support for making it "just a little more difficult" for liberal college students to vote.

Voter Elizabeth Gallinghouse, 84, said Tuesday she wanted to be a part of that history by helping to elect the state's first woman to Capitol Hill. More than a week after the video's release, she said she apologized to "anyone that was offended by my comments", but also said the remark was used as a "weapon" against her.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety said the nooses were accompanied by handwritten signs referring to Tuesday's election as well as to lynchings - majority in the state's turbulent past, but also one recent case that remains under investigation, of a black man whose body was found hanging in central Mississippi.

The sign also read: 'We need someone who respects the lives of lynch victims'.

President Donald Trump is about to hold his second of two rallies in Biloxi, Mississippi Monday evening for embattled Mississippi Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith.

He painted Democrat Mr Espy as a far-left ideologue who would "rather protect illegal aliens than people who live in Mississippi", and questioned how he "fit in with Mississippi".

Trippi advised Jones during his improbable win in Alabama past year, and emphasized that Jones won by only 23,000 votes despite facing a historically bad opponent who motivated Democratic voters and depressed GOP turnout. If elected, Espy would be the first black person elected to the Senate from the state since the era of Reconstruction. But Hyde-Smith did attend the University of Southern Mississippi, and obtained degrees in criminal justice and political science.

Hyde-Smith won 41.5 percent of the vote in the four-candidate election November 6, to Espy's 40.6 percent.

Trump dubbed Espy a "far-left" member beholden to congressional Democratic leaders, all of whom are very unpopular in MS and other Deep South states that are the foundation of the president's conservative base.

Bryant commented earlier on Hyde-Smith's remarks by saying that the real issue was how abortion was creating a Black genocide.

Why is the election still ongoing?

Thad Cochran resigned for health reasons. They are in a runoff because no candidate eclipsed 50 percent. "DPS will make public more information on this incident as it becomes available in order to help ID these individuals".

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