Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
Medical | By Vernon Walton

HIV Numbers In Europe At Record High, Says Report

HIV Numbers In Europe At Record High, Says Report

The mayor - who is part of the executive led by the socialist Fernando Medina, who came from a city government agreement signed after the last municipal elections - also points out that the partners of the initiative "considered it a priority to carry out public campaigns on the subject" the campaign gives voice to young people who "prevent infection or who live with HIV". But more can be done - an estimated 43% of new HIV diagnoses in 2017 were made at a late stage of infection, the United Kingdom figures showed.

The estimate in the East 51.1 new cases detected per 100,000 people was inordinately excessive than in the West, which possessed a rate of 6.4 new cases per 100,000 people.

"Many of the HIV diagnoses are being made late, years after the infection was acquired, despite the fact that early diagnosis and treatment significantly improves the prognosis".

It also found that in the European region, men suffer disproportionately from HIV, with 70 percent of new HIV cases diagnosed in 2017 occurring in men. "The messages reflect, therefore, this reality, with more prevention tools at our disposal, "says Manuel Grilo, considering that" for full access to information and treatments", it will be necessary to" reduce barriers, inequality and stigma ".

The WHO's European Region is made up of 53 countries with a combined population of almost 900 million.

'My call to governments, ministers of health and decision-makers is bold: scale up your response now, ' Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Europe director, said.

Although most HIV epidemics in the region are becoming more general in nature, key populations remain the most affected. For this reason, all the people should with a possible risk of infection regularly get tested for HIV, even if you feel healthy.

HIV diagnoses are falling in the European Union and European Economic Area, thanks to more widespread testing, fast treatment and the roll-out of pre-exposure prophylaxis. "Once diagnosed, individuals are less likely to pass on their infection due to treatment and changing their behaviour, so it is essential for both the person with HIV and anyone with whom they may have sex, that the condition is diagnosed early".

Russian Federation and some former Soviet Union countries risk developing out-of-control HIV epidemics, experts said on Wednesday, after data showed a record number of new cases previous year. The predominant modes of transmission in these countries were heterosexual transmission and transmission through injecting drug use.

In a report published on 29 November 2018, PHE said the UK had met all of the targets set by the UN to promote HIV prevention, adding that the UK should "identify new priorities that, if achieved, could accelerate the falls in HIV transmission that are well underway".

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