Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Migrants Arrested in Border Clash Won't be Prosecuted

Migrants Arrested in Border Clash Won't be Prosecuted

Authorities in Tijuana have started to relocate more than 6,000 Central Americans to a new shelter, after the rundown sports centre where they have been camped out for more than two weeks descended into squalor. Officials said Friday that one caravan member, a 46-year-old Honduran man convicted of murder, was arrested trying to cross the border illegally. "Or are they fleeing because they committed a crime and law enforcement is after them in their own country?"

Accusing the influx of Central American migrants of acting violently and disrespectfully towards the locals, Gastelum said their presence in the city has "hurt us". That prompted Border Patrol agents to launch tear gas and pepper spray balls to quell the unrest.

Those who were arrested were accused of illegally entering the USA; 27 were men and 15 women and children.

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Others were not charged because they came in family units with children.

Border Patrol officials reported 786 assaults against agents in fiscal year 2017, a spike of 73 percent over fiscal year 2016, even though apprehensions fell from 415,816 to 310,532.

USA authorities say assailants threw a "hail of rocks" at Border Patrol agents in the Sunday chaos that erupted during a protest against US asylum laws, striking four who escaped serious injury.

Migrants who walked and hitchhiked for two months through Central America and Mexico are now faced with dire living conditions and a lengthy US asylum process. They fanned out on both sides of the crossing and many slipped through an opening in the border fence or tried to climb over.

Meanwhile, the collective momentum which brought the migrants safely through Mexico has dissipated, as caravan members face the dawning realisation that they may be stuck here for months - and that they will make their next steps alone.

An advocate for USA border enforcement says we can be thankful President Donald Trump's border enforcement policies are keeping thousands of migrants stuck in Mexico. They briefly escaped and were captured. "These are young men coming out of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, the most deadly places per capita in the entire world the violence there". He also ran and was later captured.

Tijuana residents, many of whom have taken to the streets to protest the caravan's presence, are suffering financially. Mud, lice infestations and respiratory infections are rampant. As thousands of migrants of asylum-seekers converge on the doorstep of the United States, what they won't find are armed American soldiers standing guard, that's because USA military troops are prohibited from carrying out law enforcement duties.

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