Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
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Did Prince William express doubts about Meghan Markle?

Did Prince William express doubts about Meghan Markle?

Vanity Fair sources say Harry was hurt that William and Kate didn't do more to welcome Meghan to the family.

The alleged ongoing feud has been a hot topic as British publications continue to report that Kate and Meghan's relationship is strained due to Meghan's "disregard for royal protocol" and her "opinionated and dictatorial" personality.

When asked for comment on the allegation that the whole tense almost year-long argument between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex began when Meghan spoke rudely to one of Kate's staff and Kate had a go at her for it, Kensington Palace simply told The Sun: 'This never happened'.

"She wants to be on hand to help Meghan and Harry with the baby".

Netizens Guess Reasons Behind Harry and William' Wives' Alleged Feud
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Prince Harry and Michelle have on numerous occasions teamed up to uplift various communities.

It's also being reported that Meghan attracted the royals' ire when she asked for air fresheners to be sprayed in the ancient chapel where she tied the knot with Harry.

Continuing her inspiring work to highlight the importance of education, the Duchess of Sussex met university leaders to discuss how to build a better world through higher education.

Speaking of his thoughts on Meghan, Piers wrote: "When someone more important and influential came along, in the shape of Prince Harry, I was instantly dumped like a sack of spuds".

A report emerged that the unease between Meghan and Kate was the reason for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's move to Windsor early next year.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked fresh-faced and upbeat as they touched down, despite a busy week of events.

An insider recently told United Kingdom reporters that when Kate was helping Meghan plan her wedding to Harry, 34, the former actress was so stressed out and bossy that emotional Kate broke down in tears!

Meghan was said to have given a confident recital of Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson in front of a packed congregation at St Luke's church in Kensington, west London.

The Duchess of Cambridge has paid a heartfelt tribute to the military families coping with being apart from loved ones over Christmas.

Now things have got so out of hand that Kensington Palace has responded to the reports, with a spokesperson telling The Sun that, "this never happened".

While the Fab Four weren't together for this event, they will spend time together over the Christmas holiday, as the group is scheduled to spend Christmas in Norfolk with the Queen at Sandringham.

Their relationship began in October that year and just over one year later, on November 27, 2017, the pair announced their engagement.

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