Published: Sat, December 15, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Apple to issue software update to avoid Chinese iPhone sales ban

Apple to issue software update to avoid Chinese iPhone sales ban

Apple will carry out the software updates at the start of next week to "address any possible concern about our compliance with the order", the firm said in a statement to Reuters.

Earlier this week, a Chinese court issued a set of preliminary injunctions in the patent fight between Apple and Qualcomm.

Although Qualcomm said that the injunction against Apple "would prohibit the import and sale of nearly all iPhone models in China", that has been the case at the moment. Currently, all the models of the iPhone are available in China. If this comes to pass, it would be an enormous win for Qualcomm in its years-long fight with Apple over alleged patent licensing infringement.

Qualcomm described the two patents in question as dealing with ways to edit images, including how "to adjust and reformat the size and appearance" of photos, and methods "to manage applications using a touch screen when view, navigating and dismissing applications on their phones". Apple's settlement with Qualcomm will result in the latter going back to its old licensing technique with all smartphone vendors which would lead to "unrecoverable losses".

Now, Apple is saying China's latest ruling could influence a broader global conflict.

Earlier this week, Apple was dealt a fresh blow when chipmaker Qualcomm said that a Chinese court had ordered a ban on the sale of several different iPhone models.

Chip giant Qualcomm hopes to extend the range of iPhones banned in China, the Financial Times reported Thursday, December 13. Qualcomm was once a key Apple supplier, providing baseband modems and more for iPhones and other devices. A ban would cost Apple millions of dollars a day and affect both the Chinese government and consumers, the company added, noting it has created 5 million jobs across the country's supply chain and third-party software developers.

Ultimately, it will be up to the Chinese courts to decide if this future software update will be enough to avoid the sales ban.

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