Published: Thu, December 20, 2018
Money | By Hannah Jacobs

Drones suspend flights at Gatwick Airport in UK

Drones suspend flights at Gatwick Airport in UK

Gatwick officials said two drone were sighted near the runway.

There were multiple reports of drone sightings since the initial report of two drones at 9.03pm local time on Wednesday (Thursday 5.03am, Singapore time), Gatwick said in an earlier statement.

All departures and arrivals were suspended at about 9pm last night after the drones were seen flying above the airport.

The runway has since reopened but passengers continue to face delays while airlines "catch up on the flight schedule", the airport said Thursday morning.

"We apologise to any affected passengers for this inconvenience but the safety of our passengers is our foremost priority".

Oana Damien said her flight has been diverted to Heathrow from Gatwick, but no one on her plane was able to disembark as there were no customs and ground handling operations in place.

A busy airport 43km south of Britain's capital, London, Gatwick is hosting a variety of short- and long-haul flights and serving as a major hub for the budget carrier easyJet. It is thought more than 50 flights were affected.

"Passengers due to take off reported planes being stuck on the Tarmac for more than an hour", the publication added.

The 20-year-old from Aldershot told the Press Association: "We got told there would be some arrangements with coaches for us when we get out the was just chaos and they had only two coaches and taxis charging people £600 to get to Gatwick".

He later added: "Update". Other flights were sent to France and the Netherlands.

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