Published: Fri, December 28, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Michelle Obama bests Hillary Clinton as most admired woman by Americans

Michelle Obama bests Hillary Clinton as most admired woman by Americans

Former President Barack Obama was first on the list of most admired men for the 11th straight year, topping his successor, President Donald Trump, who came in second for the fourth consecutive year.

Gallup's annual poll, conducted in December among 1025 USA adults, asks respondents what man or woman, living today in any part of the world, they admire most.

Talk show host, Oprah Winfrey came in second with 5%, followed by ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump at 4%.

For the first time in 17 years, Hillary Clinton is not the woman most admired by Americans. The person can be anyone in the world.

The Most Admired poll has been conducted by Gallup since 1946, missing only one year in 1976. "Michelle Obama stepped into that void as she has authored a best-selling autobiography and is promoting it with a major tour of large US arenas". Obama is considered the most admired woman according to 15 percent of those polled. However, President Trump did make the list, coming in second, with 13 percent of people surveyed mentioning him. Gallup noted Clinton has appeared in the Top Ten more than any other woman.

In the survey, conducted December 3-12, Gallup asked 1,025 random U.S. adults what man or woman anywhere in the world they most admire.

The Gallup survey was taken December 12 this year.

Queen Elizabeth finished in the top 10 for the 50th time - a record, Gallup said.

After Mr Obama and Mr Trump, Americans said they admired George W Bush, Pope Francis, Bill Gates, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk and Mike Pence, in that order.

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