Published: Fri, December 28, 2018
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Transformer Explosion Shuts Down LaGuardia Airport

Transformer Explosion Shuts Down LaGuardia Airport

Reports said the fire at the Con Edison facility in Astoria in Queens, New York had been contained.

An explosion at an electrical substation in Astoria, New York City, illuminated the skyline with a bright blue light and cut off power to LaGuardia airport, causing flights to be diverted or delayed. The incident also forced the city's LaGuardia airport to temporarily shut down.

Con Edison
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Con Edison says a couple of transformers tripped offline at the substation at 20th Avenue and 32nd Street, sparking a fire. There was one Con Edison employee nearby when the fire started, and the authorities said he was unharmed.

"The blue light you saw in the sky was just the Rapture", one tweet said.

Locals first noticed flickering lights, before turning their gaze outside to see a bright teal light pulsating for minutes.

A giant plume of smoke exploded and colored the night sky blue over a Con Edison substation in Queens on Thursday, causing people across NY to gawk in awe. Please continue to avoid the area due to keep traffic clear.

Mayor Bill de Blasio's spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted that the lights were attributable to a "blown transformer" at the Queens facility. 'Unclear what the cause is. everything (exiting, boarding, security, etc.) is frozen until they figure it out.

'Update: Power has been restored but activity still at a stand still, ' he added. Looks like departing passengers are being held back until security check points are back up and running'. Residents in New York City and neighboring areas began posting photos of the dazzling scene online, showing a neon blue glow emanating from the northwestern corner of Long Island.

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