Published: Sat, December 29, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Trump threatens to shut down border as government funding stalemate drags on

Trump threatens to shut down border as government funding stalemate drags on

"We will be forced to close the Southern Border entirely if the Obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the Wall & also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our Country is saddled with", the president tweeted.

For example, the government says it won't issue new federal flood insurance policies or renew expiring ones until the budget for them is restored. Republicans have only 51 seats, so they will need to try to persuade some Democrats to back the measure.

The White House official said the president wants to close loopholes and expedite the asylum process by increasing the number of immigration judges.

He also pointed to the recent killing of a California police officer, allegedly by a suspect who's in the country illegally, to bolster his push for more border wall funds.

President Donald Trump threatened Friday to close the USA border with Mexico, holding firm on his insistence that congressional Democrats get on board with funding a wall to help stave off illegal immigrants pouring into the country from the south. "He's staying in Washington, DC, over New Year's".

Mulvaney told Fox News that Democrats conveyed to the White House on Thursday night that "they were not countering our last offer".

Negotiations on lifting that partial government shutdown, perhaps by providing some border security funding, have sputtered out and no new debate is scheduled before next Wednesday.

"If they can't do it before January 3, then we will do it", said Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., incoming chairman of the Rules Committee. "We're going to behave like adults and do our job". "Listen, it's the only way we can get the Democrats' attention".

However passing any legislation will be hard without a compromise, since the Republican-controlled Senate and Mr Trump's signature will be needed to turn any bill into law.

After sitting for just a few minutes following a break for Christmas, the almost empty Senate adjourned until 10:00 am (1500 GMT) on Monday and was to continue budget deliberations only next Wednesday, which will be the 12th day of the shutdown.

In a reprise of his threat before the midterm elections to cut off aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as a caravan of migrants was making its way toward the United States, Trump said that those three countries "are doing nothing for the United States but taking our money". "We will be cutting off all aid to these 3 countries - taking advantage of USA for years!" "I will keep in touch with you to keep you informed about my income status and I would like to discuss with you the possibility of trading my services to perform maintenance (e.g. painting, carpentry work) in exchange for partial rent payments".

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