Published: Mon, January 07, 2019
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Top Democrats Leak One Thing That Can Impeach Trump

Top Democrats Leak One Thing That Can Impeach Trump

Trump is demanding any funding to keep the federal government operational also include $5.6 billion to begin building a $23 billion wall along the United States border with Mexico.

Later in the afternoon, Trump told reporters, "We're looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency".

Tlaib's remarks show just how eager some Democrats are to remove Trump from office.

Democrats say the administration on Sunday did not present full budget information they had requested on how the White House would use the $5.6 billion Trump wants for the wall.

The shutdown has led to about 800,000 workers being furloughed or expected to work without pay.

"These four bills, which are expected to be considered in the House this week, will immediately reopen key parts of the federal government and stop the harm the Trump Shutdown is inflicting on American families, businesses, and communities".

The president said that a wall or a barrier must be built along the US southern border with Mexico, while signaling a willingness to accept a steel barrier instead of a concrete wall by saying that "steel instead of concrete is fine".

OPM's move comes after Trump issued an executive order last week freezing federal workers' pay for 2019, following through on a proposal he announced earlier in the year.

Democrats have signalled they could accept a deal that precluded a concrete wall but provided funding for a steel barrier.

Senior White House adviser, and Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were involved in the meeting Saturday, with Nielsen briefing those in attendance on border security.

The president later tweeted that he planned to go to his retreat at Camp David, Maryland, on Sunday morning to discuss borders security and other topics with senior staff in a meeting separate from the negotiations. Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union", Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called the idea a "nonstarter".

Trump threatened again, without providing specifics on where the funding would originate, to declare a national emergency as an alternative way to build the wall, depending on the outcome of talks in the coming days.

Pelosi said in an interview that aired Sunday if the president "doesn't care whether people's needs are met, or that public employees are paid or that we can have a legitimate discussion, then we have a problem".

Large chunks of the federal government were shut down on Dec 22 after lawmakers and the president hit an impasse over Trump's demands to build a wall. Such a move is certain to draw legal challenges.

Trump said that he would consider a deal that involved protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients, but indicated that he preferred to wait until the Supreme Court ruled on the issue.

With talks stalled, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that House Democrats plan to start approving individual bills to reopen shuttered departments starting with Treasury to ensure Americans receive their tax refunds. The president tweeted on December 18 that "we are not building a Concrete Wall, we are building artistically designed steel slats, so that you can easily see through it".

The president has already suggested his definition of the wall is flexible, referring to slats and other "border things". Mexico has refused. He's now demanding the money from Congress.

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