Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Samsung's newest TVs will work with Google Assistant and Alexa

Samsung's newest TVs will work with Google Assistant and Alexa

There was an acute shortage of stocks in all countries and the company had a tough time to deal with production related woes. Samsung's newest line of TVs, which will also support Alexa but require a smart speaker to use the voice controls. The total number of devices connected to Google Assistant has increase over 600% in the past 12 months, an insane level of growth and a level that will be hard to maintain. According to the big G, Google Assistant will soon be on one billion devices around the world.

"At the current level, Samsung's Smart TV models will physically work with the separate Google Home and Amazon Echo AI speakers, but later the AI platforms will be embedded in Samsung TVs", Chu said. Google also stated that the number of active users of the assistant grew four times over the past year. That simply implies a device is capable of using the Assistant, not that it is actively used on such a device. Google Assistant launched in 2016 on the Pixel phone and has since spread to smart speakers like the Google Home series in addition to third-party products from companies like Sony and Panasonic.

Over 150 different products have Alexa already built into them and there are over 28,000 smart-home gadgets that can utilize Amazon's virtual assistant.

Without providing specific numbers, Huffman said Google Home and Google Home Hub devices sold well throughout this past holiday season. For example, SmartThings, a smart home device from Samsung, one of Amazon's key competitors in the tech space, has the option to be enabled by Alexa. Faltering sales in China and questions about future iPhone shipments have bludgeoned Apple stock, sending it down about 6% to start the year.

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