Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
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Does Tony Stark Have A Cameo In Captain Marvel?

Does Tony Stark Have A Cameo In Captain Marvel?

Last night, Captain Marvel tickets went on sale everywhere, helping ensure MCU fans that they'd get their opening night seats for this intergalactic new adventure.

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The new trailer is 90 seconds long, which is long enough to see and learn more about Brie Larson's Captain Marvel. We'll get to visit the Kree planet, Hala, and spend time with Starforce members including Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva and Djimon Hounsou as Korath, but there's another very important part of the Kree lifestyle that'll be featured in Captain Marvel, the Supreme Intelligence. We again see that infamous clip of Carol knocking an elderly woman's lights out (she's a Skrull, so Carol is totally in the right here) as she explains that the Skrulls have completely infiltrated Earth.

In the comics, Captain Marvel possesses super strength, the power of flight, durability, the power to absorb energy, and she can shoot photon blasts from her hands.

Larson: The Marvel movies have so much meaning in them. Her powers are off the charts, and when she's introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we've ever had. Well, he's younger because Captain Marvel happens in the 1990s... but he's still back!

2019 is shaping up to be the biggest year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That character resonated [with] me in ways I didn't even know a character could resonate with me.' Which was great to hear, and kind of an wonderful thing... Let me put it another way: Captain Marvel is pretty good.

Schwartz: It really is a self-contained story, and it will tell you everything about that character who shows up in Avengers: Endgame. Knowing Marvel Studios, anything is possible at this point. There are times when he actually humanly reacts to things with fear and awe, instead of the stone face he normally has.

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