Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

NZ consulate in Melbourne receives suspicious package

NZ consulate in Melbourne receives suspicious package

The Australian Federal Police are investigating the circumstances around the packages and are working with local authorities and MFB.

Some reports said as many as 22 consulates had received packages, some of which apparently contained asbestos.

The Australian Federal Police say that police and emergency services are examining suspicious packages delivered to the foreign consulates.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Federal Police said: "Police and emergency services have responded to suspicious packages delivered to embassies and consulates in Melbourne today".

Emergency service personel exit the building where the Korean consulate is located in Melbourne.

Staff members were later allowed to re-enter the building, which was deemed safe by Vic Emergency, the collective body of emergency agencies in Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital.

Melbourne's Metropolitan Fire Brigade said it had been called to "a number of incidents" across the city, BBC News reports.

Hazardous material warnings were also shown near the Indonesian, Thai, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese consulates in Melbourne.

"At this time we believe the matter is targeted and not impacting the general community", said the spokesperson.

A spokeswoman for the service said: "We are assisting the Australian Federal Police right now with a number of incidents across Melbourne".

The alerts come after Sydney's Argentinian consulate was partially evacuated on Monday after reports of a suspicious substance.

A spokesman for the USA consulate in Melbourne told CNN that after receiving a suspicious package staff "followed standard procedures and alerted local authorities".

A spokesperson for the British High Commission confirmed its office in Melbourne had received a suspicious package.

However the United States embassy in Canberra was not targeted with a package, a spokesperson said.

"A worker at the Pakistani consulate in Melbourne opened one of the packages about 10am on Wednesday".

Victoria Police said they are aware of the suspicious packages, but do not believe the public should be concerned.

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