Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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Lindsay Lohan Still Wants to Play 'The Little Mermaid' For Disney

Lindsay Lohan Still Wants to Play 'The Little Mermaid' For Disney

Ashley Park, who plays Gretchen Wieners onstage, and Barrett Wilbert Weed, who plays Janis Sarkisian, were overheard joking with their friends about Lohan in the elevator heading up to the Moxy hotel's Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge for the premiere party for Lohan's MTV show, "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club".

In the interview the Lohan also talked about her past relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, an American actor, producer and singer, calling him a "good guy".

Lindsay Lohan is opening up about her past relationships - and what she's hoping to find in the future.

MTV reality series that focuses on Lindsay Lohans nightclub in Mykonos Greece
MTVThe cast of a MTV reality series that focuses on Lindsay Lohan's nightclub in Mykonos Greece

Though the former on-again, off-again couple broke up a decade ago, Lohan said that Ronson, 41, will be discussed on her new MTV series, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. 'And one of them said something like, "I bet Lindsay has a tat of a club bracelet"'.

Once inside the party, the "Mean Girls" cast seemed to get along with Lohan to her face. A rep for star-turned- hospitality-entrepreneur Lohan said of the cast's comments, "Truly not amusing", and, "They are the real mean girls".

Lohan said earlier this year that she had been negotiating designs for an island off the shores of Dubai's artificial The Worlds Island.

"I was in a very tumultuous relationship", Lohan admitted. She's also infamous for causing problems on sets; one director once likened it to being held hostage. "I was in a different place in my life". But the series, success or failure, will still succeed at presenting a new and mostly improved version of Lindsay Lohan to the same mainstream, scandal-hungry audience that ate up her fall from grace with a spoon.

Lindsay Lohan in Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. "Instead of crying or getting angry, I said I'm going to own this beach one day because I always want everyone to feel safe".

"I think you want your own show, so you should focus on that", Lohan told them.

No one has blazed the puzzling trail of a child star turned club owner turned renewed big screen sensation, but stranger things have happened, and it would be hypocritical to deny Lohan a second chance when so many other (see: male) celebrities have been offered the same luxury for doing much worse.

"She wanted to remember this beach as a very fun place. Because I was just dancing!" she said.

"I'm so nervous to see how Lindsay is as a boss", said LA VIP host Jonitta Wallace, noting Lohan worked "so hard" for this club.

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