Published: Sat, January 12, 2019
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

Agent Patrick McCaw signs with Raptors after being waived by Cleveland

Agent Patrick McCaw signs with Raptors after being waived by Cleveland

Free-agent guard Patrick McCaw is joining the Toronto Raptors.

McCaw plans to sign a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum of $786,000, according to The Athletic.

There is no word yet on what the terms of the deal will be yet, but it's going to be interesting to see if he gets anything substantially better than the two-year $5.2 million offer the Warriors reportedly put in front of him during training camp.

The New York Times reported that the National Basketball Association is investigating the Cavaliers for possible salary-cap circumvention, a probe that Golden State encouraged the league to undertake on the Warriors' behalf.

The Warriors passed on matching Cleveland's two-year, $6m offer sheet to McCaw over luxury-tax concerns. The Warriors declined to match the offer.

McCaw averaged 4.0 points per game over 128 National Basketball Association regular season games.

The Warrior filed a request with the National Basketball Association to investigate whether the transactions qualified as salary-cap circumvention.

At least four teams are reportedly interested in signing McCaw, while the Cavaliers may also want to bring him back.

After only a week in Cleveland, McCaw was waived before his contract was guaranteed. It's a stretch, but owner Dan Gilbert certainly is not fond of Golden State. "But if the National Basketball Association voided McCaw's contract, he could become a restricted free agent again".

One day before his contract became guaranteed, Cleveland waived McCaw.

The Raptors, who waived Lorenzo Brown on Monday, will welcome McCaw as a depth piece.

If the Cavs were convicted and lose their 2019 first-round pick, the entire landscape of the National Basketball Association could be shaken up.

In just a week, Patrick McCaw went from National Basketball Association nomad who most of the staunchest of fans couldn't pick out of a lineup to one of the most intriguing contract situations in the league.

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